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Do you visit your dentist regularly? Do you floss every day? Do you make a point of brushing after meals, morning, and night? Do you even brush for two minutes at a time? If you do, congratulations. But did you know that there is something else you can—and should—do to keep your smile healthy?

To ensure that you have sound oral health, we recommend that you care for your toothbrush properly. To help you know what to do, we’re happy to offer you a few suggestions.

Don’t share your toothbrush
Clearly, sharing your toothbrush could invite a host of germs into your smile. But, this rule includes not sharing your toothbrush with anyone—even your significant other. When you clean your gums, they sometimes bleed. This blood tends to get on your toothbrush, and the same is true for others. That means that sharing your toothbrush can lead to a variety of new germs being introduced into your immune system.

Store your toothbrush properly
We recommend that you store your toothbrush upright in an open space. This combination will let your toothbrush air-dry before you need it again. We also recommend that you avoid touching other toothbrushes to prevent cross-contamination. Fortunately, there are convenient holders designed to hold your toothbrush upright, separated, and in the open.

Replace your toothbrush often
We recommend that you replace your toothbrush at least every four months. After the first few months, the bristles of your toothbrush will become frayed and will be less effective at replacing plaque and tartar. Furthermore, fungus and bacteria can build up in your toothbrush.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us soon. We are happy to help you have the beautiful, smile you deserve, and we understand that properly caring for your toothbrush can have a major impact on your oral health.