When a patient has a cavity, Dr. John S. Grisham may recommend a dental filling in Littleton, New Hampshire. Our dentist will remove the tooth decay, clean the tooth thoroughly, and fill the area with the filling material. At our dental office, we use a tooth-colored filling material called composite resin. Composite dental fillings are very aesthetic, since they match the shade of your natural teeth. These dental fillings are made of plastic and tooth-colored materials.

To place a dental filling, our dentist will first remove the tooth decay. The area is probed to make sure that all of the decay has been removed. Then the area is cleaned of bacteria and debris. Composite dental fillings are placed in layers. Our dentist hardens every layer with a curing light as it is placed. When all of the layers are in place, our dentist will shape the material to the ideal result. Then any excess material is removed. The final dental filling is polished to match the sheen of your natural teeth.

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