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Have you recently begun to notice the quality of your teeth changing? With time your pearly whites can change, whether discoloration from stains or simply wear and tear. Of course, excellent oral hygiene habits will go a long way to maintaining a healthy smile. Diligent daily brushing and flossing, along with regular professional dental cleanings will keep away tooth decay and gum disease. Still, teeth can be damaged, and we have some smile fixes to help. Check out the following services which could bring back your smile confidence!

– Dental Crowns: If you wish to cover or conceal a tooth, dental crowns can be used to cap teeth to prevent further damage, look more aesthetically pleasing, and to change the tooth to its desired look. Our office only uses metal-free dental crowns.

– Dental Fillings: If you have suffered a cavity in a tooth, dental fillings can be used to fill in the cavity and prevent further damage to it. We are pleased to offer tooth-colored filling material–composite resin for our patients. These dental fillings are made of plastic and tooth-colored materials.

– Porcelain Dental Veneers: Dental veneers can be used to vastly reconstruct the look of your teeth. Each veneer is custom-designed for each tooth and cemented directly to the fronts of your teeth to conceal any noticeable damage or defects.

– Teeth Whitening Treatments: Teeth whitening treatments are an extremely easy and effective way to restore the color of your natural teeth. Our team will provide you with custom-made bleaching trays and a gel bleaching product which you wear in the comfort of your own home to whiten your teeth effectively and conveniently. 

To schedule a tooth restoration treatment with John S. Grisham, DDS, contact us at 603-444-2100 to set up an appointment in Littleton, New Hampshire. Dr. John S. Grisham and our team are here to help you with all your oral health care needs. We will get you back to smiling once more!