Oral Health Hazards to Avoid

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If you are not careful, you may be putting your mouth at unnecessary risks that could damage your teeth and gums. Oral health hazards should be avoided. Listed below are a few common hazards to your mouth, as well as a few tips to help prevent them from occurring:

– Always sidestep bad habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco, and recreational drugs, and never use your mouth as a bottle opener, as this is an easy way to chip and crack teeth.
– If you play contact sports or partake in high-risk activities, be sure to wear headgear or mouthguards to shield your teeth and jaw.
– Avoid chewing on objects including pens and pencils, as they can cause a TMJ disorder in your jaw or loosen or crack a tooth.
– Avoid tough and thick foods that can damage your teeth, including hard candies, ice, corn on the cob, and corn kernels.
– Avoid wearing mouth jewelry, as it can be a choking hazard, chip and crack teeth, and cause severe infections including hepatitis and endocarditis.

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