Tooth Sensitivity May Be Relieved With Increased Fluoride

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Each tooth in your mouth is a complex structure of biological minerals and sensitive living structures. The outer layer of tooth enamel is made up of a microscopic matrix of minerals.

While the surface of your tooth appears smooth and solid, your tooth enamel has microscopic pores and other textures. Acids from poor oral hygiene and acidic beverages can gradually start to affect the mineral integrity of your tooth enamel.

As this happens those microscopic pores can start to expand, exposing the sensitive dentin layer beneath. This can lead to increasing problems with tooth sensitivity.

In a situation like this Dr. John S. Grisham might be able to strengthen your tooth enamel and reduce your tooth sensitivity symptoms by administering a fluoride treatment. This can replace the lost minerals in your tooth enamel to reduce the size of the pores.

As a preventative measure, or as part of your treatment, you should use a toothpaste containing fluoride.It is a simple improvement to your daily oral hygiene routine that will improve the strength of your teeth.

If Dr. Grisham has further concerns about the strength of your tooth enamel, he might also provide you with a prescription for fluoride supplements. There are several forms that Dr. Grisham might recommend based on your personal preference.

If you live in the Littleton, New Hampshire, area and you are struggling with tooth sensitivity problems, you should call 603-444-2100 to explore the fluoride options that are available at John S. Grisham, DDS.