Treat Your Gum Disease with These Options

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If you have gum disease, your smile could be in grave danger. Unfortunately, this disease can severely damage your gums and your oral health, eventually resulting in loose and lost teeth. Fortunately, your dentist, Dr. John S. Grisham, can treat the disease, even in the early and late stages. Typically, non-surgical treatments can solve the early stages while surgical treatments can solve the later stages.

The non-surgical treatments your dentist can use include scaling and root planing as well as periodontal maintenance. Scaling and root planing involves removing the plaque and tartar from underneath the gums. It also involves smoothing the root surfaces and placing antibiotics in the gum pockets to promote healing and help the gums reattach to the roots. Periodontal maintenance involves frequent dental checkups that include specialized cleaning treatments that keep gum disease at bay.

The surgical treatments your dentist can use include:

-Pocket depth reduction treatment: Your dentist will clean the gums, recontour the bones and roots, and reposition the gum tissue.

-Regeneration: Your dentist will perform everything that was included in the pocket depth treatment but will also use bone grafts, membranes, and tissue-stimulating proteins to regenerate healthy bone and gum tissue.

-Soft tissue grafts: Your dentist will remove healthy tissue from the roof of your mouth and will place it over the tooth roots to treat the receding gums.

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